The Last of the Gullivers by Carter Crocker – Book Review

Title ~ The Last of the Gullivers
Series ~ Single Title
Author ~ Carter Crocker
Release Date ~ January 19, 2012
Publisher ~ Penguin
Source ~ Penguin

A stunning sequel to a storytelling classic, with a contemporary twist.

Michael Pine is a boy with no direction in life. Mixed up in gangs, he is headed straight for a juvenile detention center. Until he is given a second chance and discovers a world beyond his imagination. A world of Lilliputians – people the mere size of a thumb. But this is a world in terrible danger, and they need Michael’s help. But Michael has some trouble of his own – he’s been framed for theft and it appears his second chance is about to expire. He needs to do what he can to save the Lilliputians from certain death. But how can he save them if he’s locked up for a crime he didn’t commit?

Using elements of the original Gulliver’s Travels, Carter Crocker has created an exciting and enchanting story perfect for kids today.

The Last of the Gullivers is an entertaining middle grade novel that has a tie-in to the classic, Gulliver’s Travels. It’s not really a retelling so much as a sequel. What a unique way of celebrating a classic children’s story.

The Lilliputians are tiny, standing only a few inches tall. They are a little bit silly because they let their emotions and foolish superstitions dictate much of their lives. Most of the Lilliputians are basically kind and they are content with what they have. As they come to face many obstacles, the Lilliputians pick themselves up and start over. I like this about them, and I admire their resilience.

Now for the real heart of the story. Michael, a human boy with a checkered past, comes upon the Lilliputians, and his life is changed. Michael comes off as a good kid who got mixed up with the wrong crowd and got himself into trouble. His kindness becomes most evident as he passionately defends the Lilliputians and puts their needs before his own. I just love when a middle grade book has situations like this where life lessons are learned.

I was happily surprised by the ending and it made me smile. No cliffhanger here, just a nicely unexpected ending. Thank you Penguin, for sending The Last of the Gullivers for me to review. I enjoyed every page!