About Me

Hey y’all!  My name is Melina and I am the tween behind Reading Vacation.  I love to come here and blog about all the young adult books I read.  Be prepared for some seriously gushy reviews about the books I adore the most.

I started Reading Vacation when I was in fifth grade and it has been such a great experience.  I am twelve years old and in seventh grade now, where I embrace my nerdiness and share books with my friends.

One blog wasn’t enough for me, so I started Young Bloggers Unite in October, 2011 to bring together tween and teen book bloggers.  My awesome blogging partners there are HD from Reading, Writing, Breathing and Austin from Reading Teen.  It’s FUN over at YBU. Come visit us!
I live in Texas with my parents and my nine-year-old brother, Travis. He is a reader too and he is just starting to guest post on Reading Vacation.  Just don’t let any of my girly books touch any of his boy books.

Have a fun Reading Vacation!